Sheldon’s Bio

Sheldon has spent the best part of the last 25 years developing effective solutions for the real estate, finance, credit and debt industry. His dedication to the industries has proven that he is simply not prepared to burn out or fade away.

Throughout the decades Sheldon has been involved in countless land development and housing projects in the greater Calgary area (Calgary, Okotoks and Airdrie) and has produced hundreds of homes for families as well as massive amounts of success. During his time as a property developer he found that many have figured out that his strategies have always gravitated towards his extensive knowledge in finance and credit, thus the fit with Canada Credit Fix, Credit Slab and NuLife Credit were only natural. As very few real estate transactions could ever be completed without credit and debts being in line and a decent credit score for the home buyer, he thought about solutions for better credit, and the Canada Credit Fix program was born. On a search for increased market share, he developed and implemented several programs and platforms that would not only triple his success but tie the industries together.

Over the past several years Sheldon has expanded into the software development arena and has worked on programs that have improved the credit repair, debt settlement and foreclosure mitigation industries. Automation is what makes a system effective and being able to provide great service is what the customer simply deserves.

Sheldon spends most of his day developing and improving his programs such as Canada Credit Fix, Credit Slab, Empire Citi Properties and his charity initiative Credit Slab Cares. In development he is adding an online self-rep legal system encompassing foreclosure mitigation and also an Identity theft/credit fraud prevention system.

His latest venture, Omni Furniture, involves a sales portal for purchasing and shipping furniture and accessories from multiple major furniture manufacturers at the click of a mouse. He has also started his own charity initiative, Credit Slab Cares, with the express goal of providing volunteer efforts and donations to worthwhile local charity causes.

Please feel free to contact Sheldon as he is always open to shared ventures and new opportunities. Let him take your business to a new level with his proven track record of success.

Sheldon puts the E in Entrepreneur and the S in success! So why not stop on by and have an online coffee with Sheldon today!